About Us


SOMGAS is A first Environmental friendly company whose primary mission is to supply Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), also known Propane gas for powering essential life needs such as cooking, industrial and health facilities.


LPG consists of simple hydrocarbons, mainly Propane (C3H8) and Butane (C4H10). Due to its simple structure and absence of impurities, it is amongst the few clean and efficient burning fuels known to mankind.


LPG naturally exists in vapour form and can be easily liquefied by moderate pressures. This makes it very convenient to store, transport and handle giving the user hassle-free operations.


We deliver affordable, safe, reliable and happiness quality of LP Gas to protect the environment and to enrich our community


SomGas started its operations in 2009, with an aim of developing a robust LPG infrastructure of filling plants and terminals to assure round the year availability of LPG to its customers. This was a key step for sustainability and growth of our operations in the long run.


Currently SOMGAS is investing heavily and equipment and other infrastructure in barber, in order to import liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in bulk (Berbera Gas Terminal).


We provide our valued customer:-


  • Lpg (Gas) Both Domestic and Commercial Centre’s
  • Durable and Safe Stoves (Cooker).
  • Gas Regulators And Hosepipe


We also provide Regular maintenance and After Sales Service